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Deejay & Producer

My name is Resya Joseph Napitupulu, practically known by “RJ / rJ-N70”. I’m an American Born with Indonesian Blood. Currently, I live in Bellevue, WA – USA. Music is my greatest passion in life; I chose to be a Producer and DJ as ways to express it.

Brief Discography
Digital music has always been my thing and it motivated me to excel for being a DJ and also to produce my own singles. I believe one must encouraged myself to explore a variety of genres as I pass through the path in finding our music identity. Throughout the years, I’ve been experimenting a lot with all of the genres; however, I put “Progressive” as the main priority.
Since the first time I decided to dedicate myself in this dance music industry, I’ve played House, Electro, Progressive Trance, Breaks, and many other cross genres. It led me to get used to
spin around 127-132 BPM. As I’ve become more infatuated in this field, apparently I found my genre sanctuary; I fell for Progressive Psychedelic-Trance (Mainly anything PROGRESSIVE)! It’s different indeed, yet being different is what makes you outstanding.
BUT, it’s not the common type of “Psy-trance” like you might have heard from certain sources. The main feature that differentiate my “Psy-Trance” amongst the others is:
– 80 % of the DJ whose are playing “Psy-Trance” are usually played at 142 BPM, from what I’ve observed around, most people seems not enjoying the music when the BPM is above 135. And me, I invented a way to make this genre could get more appreciation from the entire music enthusiast. In addition, the mixing style for “Progressive Psy-Trance” without a doubt is way more complex rather than to mix House/Trance.
The mixing is not merely about beat matching it’s more on how you can manage to arrange each song to mix perfectly. Basically, the method relies by lowering down the BPM to about 127-133, thus it will be accepted broadly. But this method couldn’t apply to all “Psy-Trance” singles. I must carefully pick
the right songs to be converted, and when the method is successfully applied to the songs, its like you’ve accomplished a significant improvement to the music industry. Inventing a
somewhat new line of genre!

Indonesia dance scenes have grown bigger and I believe there are many people who appreciate every single innovation that etched into this music industry. The next important move for me is to introduce this type of new line of genre to the entire music enthusiast in Jakarta, Indonesia, with no exception!

—Resya Joseph Napitupulu [RJ-N70]

For any further questions and if you’d like to drop on some comments, please do not hesitate to contact me at:

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