Greek [London, UK]

Singer & Songwriter

UK based singer/songwriter Héllena moved to Athens in 2005 to take on piano and modern singing lessons. By 2009 she was working on original material and in 2010 she recorded her self-titled EP.

In late 2011 she decided to take a leap of faith and moved to the UK to work on her debut album with MTV award-winning producer Stereo Mike. The first single borne out of the collaboration was “Don’t Change”, which set the scene for what was about to come.

Living in London for only a short time, Héllena made it into the MTV Unsigned Top 20 and gained 6 Gold awards on BEAT100 for “Don’t Change” and “Dream Big”. In March 2013 she performed at SXSW festival and by early 2014 she reached No1 in ReverbNation’s Soul/R’N’B UK charts and came 3nd on the world charts on BEAT100. Fresh off a guest appearance on Simon Lederman’s BBC London 94,9 fm show, Héllena is building a strong online fanbase and performing live with her band across the UK.

19th of May 2014 saw the release of Héllena’s latest single ‘Dream Big’ from her forthcoming album “Body & Soul”. This singer/songwriter is being tipped for future success so keep your eyes on this talented diverse artist.


“I really like Héllena’s cover version of “Heaven’s a Lie”. AWESOME VOICE!»
– Marco Emanuele Biazzi, Guitarist of Lacuna Coil

“On the song “Listen” Héllena (…) created a song as emotional as it is powerful.”
– Streetrockreview

“I 1000% think Héllena’s version of Lacuna Coil’s “Heaven’s a Lie” rocks! She nailed it.”
– Jon Morter, Rock DJ and social media campaigner

” Héllena gave up her Archeology studies in order to make Brilliant music”
– Matt Graveling, Best of British Unsigned

“Starting with a beautiful piano intro and then Héllena’s powerful vocals kick in, Don’t Change is a catchy pop song with a chorus that will get you hooked from the outset.”
– Boulent Mustafa, Music Crowns

“A lovely R’N’B Ballad which is dominated by Héllena’s distinctive and strong vocals. Great big sound production and instrumentation”
– David Durant, Brooklands radio

“The delicate piano instrumental on “Don’t Change”, is both captivating and enchanting. When the lyrics kick in, it’s a breath of fresh air.”
– Laura Hindley, Faceless Promotions

“Cool piano parts are being combined with R’n’B elements. Plus, the orchestration of “Don’t Change” is perfect.”
–Frozen Angel, Afternoiz

“Héllena is our favorite unsigned artist. A true rising star!”
-Anastasis Papas Program Director,
Mango Radio by CU

“This talented young woman is a must-listen and a must-follow for pop, soul and R&B fans”
–Brandon Schiafone, Niji Magazine

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